THIS Thursday! Escaping the “too lean” budget trap

On December 19th at 10:00 a.m., Rob Hoshaw (Long Tom Watershed Council) and Tara Choate (OWEB) will present “Escaping the Too Lean Budget Trap: Using Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rates to get what you actually need!”

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Many nonprofits are all to familiar with operating on lean budgets and the struggle to fund capacity and operational costs. “Administration” or “indirect costs” are words often attached to a negative connotation, and yet these activities provide the essential infrastructure for an organization to succeed in its mission. An indirect cost rate agreement can be one tool to help provide funding for admin and operations. Nonprofits who consistently receive funds from a federal funder may want to consider applying for a federally-negotiated indirect cost rate (FNICR). It may sound scary and mystifying, but it doesn’t have to be! For the last nine years, the Long Tom Watershed Council has applied for an FNICR, and Rob Hoshaw of LTWC will share their experiences on how the process has worked, as well as some tips and suggestions to demystify the FNICR application process. Tara Choate from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board will talk about the differences between direct and indirect costs and explain the FNICR process from a funder perspective.