CONNECT 2018 Overview


CONNECT 2018 - Presented by OCEAN and the Oregon Conservation Partnership

CONNECT 2018 was a great success, providing workshops and events that helped the 332 attendees implement conservation, increase public education, lead their staff, and build partnerships. On average, attendees gave the conference 4.5 out of 5 stars! As one participant said, “I can’t underscore enough how important the network aspect of the conference was for me being a new Executive Director.  We use guides that I got from different sessions to help guide our social media strategy and we’ve started new events based on success stories from other councils.”

Here are some highlights:

  • 332 attendees in Seaside, Oregon
    • 40 volunteers
    • 30 full or partial scholarships
  • 69 workshops with 110 speakers
  • 3 field trips
  • 12 partnership events
  • 8 agencies represented
  • 20 display booths