Webinar Next Week! Your OWEB Grant from Start to Finish

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Join us next Thursday, July 18th to learn about successful OWEB grants from start to finish with OWEB’s Katie Duzik and Sue Greer! (Note that this webinar is slightly longer than usual to adequately cover important material with time for questions – please reserve 10:00-11:30 AM in your calendar!)

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This webinar will provide participants with the know-how to take an idea all the way from project development, to successfully obtaining an OWEB grant, and managing the project through completion and monitoring. Content is geared toward project managers working within the Open Solicitation grant program, but the information is useful for anyone working with OWEB funding who wants to confidently and efficiently navigate the process. The webinar is broken into three components:

  1. To Boldly Go – taking a project from an idea to a reality
  2. I Need More Power! – a project becomes a grant
  3. Live Long & Prosper – wrapping up and monitoring a project

The webinar will be presented by OWEB staff Katie Duzik, Regional Program Representative for the North Coast, and Sue Greer, Regional Program Representative for the Mid-Columbia region. It is modeled after the three-session workshop recently presented at the CONNECT 2019 conference in Sunriver.

We thank our sponsors, OWEB and Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company for helping us provide this opportunity for you to hear more and ask questions about OWEB grants!